Links to Synthetic Organic and Related Groups


    I compiled these links  to allow rapid access to the relevant web pages by those in the synthetic community, especially as a means for current and prospective graduate students and post-docs to easily learn who is in their field and what their research interests are.   Those research groups which pursue synthetic organic chemistry as a significant part of their program are included, although in some cases the P.I.'s identify their research interests as bio-organic, medicinal, organometallic, pharmaceutical or other areas.

    This listing is not intended as a comprehensive collection of all academic research groups that use organic synthesis in some part of their program.  Rather it focuses on those groups which investigate organic reaction methodology and/or target directed organic synthesis.  I am guided principally by the titles of the P.I.'s publications in determining whether his/her URL should be posted.  For those investigators in related fields (organic materials, physical organic chemistry, natural products isolation, etc), I encourage the compilation of similar directories as others have done in bioorganic, organometallics, etc.  In order to keep the database of a manageable size, I have elected to list only groups at Ph.D. granting institutions.   I apologize for any oversights, and request that you email me your URL if you believe that your research group fits the above criteria.